So my first visit! Bake-a-Boo in West Hampstead. This is the first entry from the cupcake section of the book. 

Charlie and I set off after a lie-in towards West Hampstead. A voyage up the Jubilee line to the uncharted territories of the North, and my favourite lunch spot Lena’s 2.  After a quick and delicious lunch of the best salads in the world we set off down the tropical sounding Sumatra Road and soon popped out among lots of lovely looking independent shops. There was Bake-a-Boo, at first we couldn’t see anything through the steamed up windows but when we entered we found a lovely little tea room with lots and lots of bunting.

The staff were very friendly and soon we were set up with a pot of almond tea for two and two cakes. The cakes were out in the window to choose from. I had the Victoria sponge – the signature according to my book – and Charlie picked a blueberry cupcake. Everything was served on  mismatched antique-y crockery which was a nice touch. Overall the décor was really lovely.

The cakes were nice. My Victoria sponge was moist and tasty but could have done with a bit more jam. Charlie’s blueberry cupcake was also nice but didn’t really taste of blueberry. I felt I could have made cakes which were just as good. This didn’t really put a dampener on the whole experience because the cakes tasted very home-made and this added to the feeling that you were simply eating in somebody’s living room, a living room dressed out like a village fete. 

After our cake and tea moment we decided to walk into Piccadilly because Charlie wanted to buy a book from the flagship Waterstones. I have never been and it was huge! Definitely worth a visit, a book lover’s paradise.

Now, rating. I have had lots of thinkings about whether to do this or not, but have decided that I should rate the places I visit so that other people can see my judgements. The book gives two ratings out of 5 for each place, a cake rating and an overall rating. I am going to give a cake rating and an atmosphere rating. I will give these out of seven, because it is an awesome number and very IB (International Baccalaureate, look it up I teach it). 


Cake:  Me  5/7  Guest 4/7 

Atmosphere: 6/7 



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