Why a blog?

I received a book for Christmas which is life changing, or at least weekend changing. The book is about the best places to eat cake in London. While many of my friends were making their 5 point plans, new year’s resolutions and preparing for dry January’s, I decided to do something different. I will not give anything up or aim to improve my health or love life or language skills or work ethic. I will eat cake.

So the plan is simple. I will travel around London visiting the places in my new cake book and eating the delicious cakes. I think this makes for a positive outlook for 2014.

When thinking about this challenge I pondered whether other people would want to know about my adventures eating cake. After asking some friends and family, the consensus was yes. Hence blog. I have never blogged before and in general my outlook at such internet-y media-y friendly things has been negative and scary; but as the newspapers and my students (they are young so they know what they are talking about) keep telling me that facebook is over and I don’t think a record of cake would work via snapchat, I have ended up on here.

Feel free to comment, ask questions and if you have been to some of the cake places let me know what you thought!



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