Cox Cookies and Cake and The Cupcake Bakehouse

Rather a mouthful of a title today, but then it corresponds with the mouthfuls of cake eaten yesterday! An adventurous eating day all round.

Started off with some sushi with the Scarrs. Now I know that I was insistent that I didn’t make any resolutions other that to eat cake this year, but now I must admit a hidden semi-resolution. More of a general aim actually. To eat more fish. Anyone who knows me well knows that this is quite a challenge as I don’t like fish, in fact I only generally eat smoked salmon and scallops because if you are only going to like the taste of two types of fish they might as well be the expensive ones. So we went out for sushi and I ordered the set menu A. Picture provided below. Note the super exciting addition of curly straw in my orange juice. This made my day a little bit. I ate all the fish (ok I swapped the prawn for more salmon and the octopus was horrible – but I tried my best)! The sushi restaurant was an amazing little place above a Japanese supermarket near Tottenham Court Road. Thank you Georgia and the Scarrs for lovely sushi times! 

Wait, no talk about cake yet. And there are two cake places names above.Image 

So, after sushi we tried to find Cox Cookies and Cake is Soho. It soon became apparent that it no longer existed. Whoops. We spent the afternoon wandering around London instead and saw Buckingham Palace, eventually ending up in Covent Garden where there is The Cupcake Bakehouse.

The Cupcake Bakehouse is owned by Lorraine Pascale of telly fame. As we were going over to our friend’s for dinner that night, and still being full of sushi, we bought 4 cupcakes to take over for dessert. More people more cake tasting! After eating our mini cupcakes to make sure they were suitable for consumption – we aren’t temptation heroes, we couldn’t wait that long – we went off home.

So at Rob and Tash’s later that night…. We had eaten a tastylicious Greek lamb dinner, had conversation and appletize (I was driving), played the best card game ever invented (cards against humanity, look it up), and then it was time for cake. These cupcakes were very lovely and made an excellent dessert because all their icing made them easier to eat with a fork, and I do think that for something to count as dessert it should be eaten with cutlery, otherwise it’s just a snack. 

There were four of us to give opinions on cake so there were many flying around. We all agreed that the butter cream icing was good because it wasn’t too sweet. This is a characteristic of many cupcakes, lots and lots of butter cream which makes the whole thing taste too sugary, but these were spot on. The cakes also had good fillings, mine had yummy cherries, there was lemon curd and chocolaty bits. However the sponge was in some cakes slightly dry and we all felt that these cakes were still do-able at home. We all agreed that to gain very high marks we wanted something that we wouldn’t be able to achieve ourselves. 

No atmosphere points this week as The Cupcake Bakehouse was a little small to sit in and we took the cakes away! 

Cake: Me 5/7  Guests: Charlie 5.5/7  Tash 4/7  Rob 5/7  

so not a bad result for these cupcakes, and Lorraine, how did you make your buttercream? 




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