The Hummingbird Bakery


Rather a wet weekend it has been, and not just outside. On Friday morning I looked up at the kitchen clock and realised simultaneously that I was running late and that there was water dripping down the wall. By Saturday morning there was a slow but steady trickle of  water coming down the wall in 4 places. After finally finding a reason to introduce ourselves to the flat upstairs (and so meeting a very friendly Dutch family) and two plumbers called out in two days (not by us) we were looking forward to cake as a good excuse to leave our now rather damp flat.

We decided to go to Spitalfields to visit the hummingbird bakery, I know there are many Hummingbirds around London but this was the one given in the book so there we went. We took the opportunity to wander around the legendary market area and there were lots of lovely stalls selling clothes and food and crafty bits. The bakery was hidden away slightly down a back street with the excellent name of Frying Pan Alley. The décor was very bright pink and a little in your face but still looked inviting, however there were only two tables and a little bar, more of a take-away cake joint than a cosy cafe.

Hummingbird Bakery is known for its cupcakes but because we had our fill of these last weekend we both ended up opting for something different. Charlie had a huge slab of Chicago Chocolate Fudge cake and I went for the rather more adventurous Cheesecake Brownie. I chose this because I wanted something unusual and who doesn’t want to try a brownie with a layer of baked cheesecake on top? I was also attracted to its three layer pattern in brown, yellow and pink because it looked like the cake version of Neapolitan ice cream!

Charlie’s cake was the clear winner with its yummy fudgy chocolateyness with extra chunks of fudge. The raspberry cream layer was the star of mine and added a sharp freshness to what would otherwise have been an overly sweet and cloying creation. The brownie layer on the bottom was a bit on the dry side and didn’t have squidgyness I would expect from a brownie. Although I now want to add a raspberry cream layer to all my brownies in the future!


Cake: Me 5.5/7  Charlie 5.5/7

Atmosphere: 3/7

IMG_0193           IMG_0195


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