The V&A


The Victoria and Albert museum. A slightly more grown up neighbour to the natural history and science museums. I say that only because there are no child aimed activities in the V&A, which is a shame because I like a good interactive game.

It was still half term so I decided to fit in another cake shop visit, this time taking along my mum and sister for a catch up. The plan was to go along to one of the bakeries on the kings road but when I double checked them it turned out two had closed down! Plans scuppered. So we met up at South Kensington and headed somewhere that I knew would do us a good lunch.

The Victoria and Albert museum cafe is not in my book. It is not renowned for its cake. It does do a very nice lunch however and is a great place for a ‘ladies who lunch’ in London. The Morris, Gamble and Poynter rooms were the first ever museum restaurant and are a stunning setting to eat in.

There is a great selection of lunches to choose from and plenty of cakes for afters! So we had salads and sandwiches and then picked our sweets. Lydia chose a slab of chocolate cake. Mum and I chose to share a St Clements cake and a berry slice. We were so eager I forgot to take photos before we halved the cakes, so apologies for the dodgyness. The berry slice was the clear winner, moist, fruity and a good size. The St Clements was very moist and almondy but didn’t taste of lemons or oranges. The chocolate cake was tasty but a little dry and needed either more icing or cream.

We had a lovely afternoon looking at arty historical things and the current fashion display which had lots of painful looking to fit into dresses.
If you live in London and need somewhere to spend an afternoon with the girls then I highly recommend the V&A.

Cake: Me: 5/7 Mum: 5/7 Lydia: 5/7 not the best cake, not the worst.

Atmosphere: 6/7 lovely rooms, busy, nice food. You may have to fight for a table in one of the pretty rooms.




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