Konditor and Cook


I have had a driving license for over 2 years now. I drive to work every day. I thought I could drive. Saturday morning tried to persuade me otherwise. On a trip to Tesco I stopped to fill up with petrol and, for the life of me, I could not undo the petrol cap. In the end a voice behind me asked if he needed to help. He did. Embarrassed I even said to the nice man “this never normally happens”. Not a lie, but only because the petrol cap has always been a mystery I have avoided. I once just drove home with it open.

Then to Tesco itself. I went to park, as one does, but yesterday my parking abilities had abandoned me. After 6 attempts I finally managed to back into a space while still leaving enough room to get out of the car. Embarrassment again; more so as a man in another car waited for me and gave me sympathetic smiles. I very much wanted to shout “I am not driving this badly because I am a woman! I am driving this badly because my boyfriend always parks the car and he isn’t here right now!” Just to let him know. As if that somehow makes it better.

But this blog is about cake. I was going home to Windsor for the weekend so the plan was to pick up some cake from Konditor and Cook at Waterloo and jump on the train home. Not now. Now I had a new Saturday challenge. Prove to myself I can drive. So we set off to tackle the congestion charge zone. 1.5hrs later and we arrived back in Berkshire without having crashed, driven down any bus lanes or maimed a cyclist. I have proven that a woman can drive through Central London on a Saturday with just as much skill as any man and perhaps a little more road rage; woe betide you if you don’t indicate around me. You will be on the sharp end of my strongly worded chastisement from the driving seat. I won’t go so far as to beep, because that is rude, but I will be miffed at you.

Our reward was tea and cake back at home. We shared everything 4 ways except the nutty pyramids which Dad ate, so the ratings this week will be per cake rather than person. Konditor and Cook did not let us down, the phrase “best brownies ever” was even heard. From me. The bakery I went to in Waterloo doesn’t have seating but is more than worth a trip to to pick up some cake. We had 3 types of brownie, 2 nutty pyramids, carrot cake and chocolate and hazelnut cake. The Boston brownie was the best but all were the perfect mix of soft, dense, squishy, chewy inside and crunchy outer. So many brownies are just chocolate cake pretending; these are the real deal.

Ratings: Brownies: 7 Cake: 6 Nutty Pyramids: 5 – we still aren’t really sure what they were.
Atmosphere: 7, there’s no place like home.




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