Black Vanilla


Sometimes I forget how awesome London is. I moan that it is full of tourists in the summer; crowding the centre, holding you up at the barriers, generally getting in your way. Then the sun comes out and London looks beautiful and I think “yes tourists, you are right, London is awesome.”

I took some friends along to Greenwich who hadn’t been along before. Greenwich is a place for sunshine. Parking at the top of the hill, cruising the market, visiting the naval college and imagining the filming of Thor: The Dark World and how come you didn’t know before so you could try to sneak a look. They were suitably impressed I am glad to say, like tourists.

We spent the afternoon doing girly things like catching up and looking at jewellery. We ate market stall food in the park. If you haven’t spent a sunny day in Greenwich I suggest you do soon. Go on, treat yourself, take the boat! Look at the Cutty Sark! Drink a pint next to the Thames!

Enough of sounding like a tourist brochure. As the day drew to a close it was the time for cake. Black Vanilla was what the book offered us for Greenwich. It was an ice cream parlour mainly but we found the cake towards the back. After some confusion over how to order we were sat down in the garden with tea and cake. 3 red velvets and 1 passion cake. The red velvet had a good chocolate flavour and the icing wasn’t too sweet but could have had a stronger cream cheese flavour. The passion cake had better icing but was a little stodgy. The atmosphere was poor and lacked a homely feel, but may have been better in the upstairs cafe. The service was also sub-standard. Our tea was confused on paying and forgotten when we were served. The name ‘Black Vanilla’ does sound rather cold though so perhaps not surprising. As the weather was also turning chilly we quickly headed back to the car before she was locked into Greenwich Park overnight.

Our rather mediocre cake experience did not put a dampener on the day and there was still time for some sunset photos before home.

Cake: Me 4/7 Rosie 5/7 Helen 4.5/7
Atomsphere: 4/7



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