Cupcakeathon. Lola’s Cupcakes

Today it is raining, but for this post I need you to cast your mind back to when it was hot. I mean really hot. The kind of hot which makes us British wish for rain. It was that sort of hot Sunday when I had to dress for a one day flying visit to Windsor, to see a priest. Yes that’s right, you may be aware that I am planning a wedding at the moment, and the time had come to go and see the priest.

What do you wear to see a priest on the hottest day of the year? I needed demure yet cool, smart casual but sweat-proof. I ended up in a cardigan, strappy top and skirt. Cardigan = coverage right? Well I thought I had nailed it but from the moment I entered the perfectly cool house of the priest and shook his hand, any evidence of sweat proofing left and I promptly stuck to the armchair I was sat in. I guess I am just one of those sweaty people.(Do they exist or is it just me?) Stick me in an awkward situation and I will swiftly sweat away, not profusely, but like a nice cold pint of cider which fogs up on a hot day. I always have done and always will do. Luckily the priest was very friendly and didn’t notice that my handshake on the way out was slightly damper than on the way in.

After getting lost in the backstreets of my home town, being a bit late, meeting the priest, explaining why I wanted to get married in my own church back home, walking across Windsor in the heat, dodging the triathlon taking place in front of the station entrance and missing a train, I finally made it back to the air-conditioned safety of a carriage. Here I could escape the heat and found myself having a little train nap to recover from a busy day of travel and excitement.

It has been a while since I have eaten cake; wedding planning and working many Saturdays has not been cake friendly. So imagine my excitement when I crossed Waterloo station towards the Jubilee line entrance and saw this shining in the distance!

IMG_0677 IMG_0679

Amazing! Lola’s Cupcakes hasn’t been reviewed yet so Charlie and I excitedly bought 4 cupcakes just for us! I gave them each their own photo shoot. We eventually chose Banoffee, Raspberry, Chocolate Truffle and Peanut Butter but there was a ridiculous amount of choice. They were the perfect after dinner pick me up to remedy a hot stressy day and prepare for a week away with 32 school children on PGL. More on PGL later.

Review time! I wasn’t sure what to expect because Lola’s Cupcakes has expanded a lot recently and I’m always wary of the quality of mass produced cake. I was pleasantly surprised. I must start with the Banoffee cupcake because it was the best. The best cupcake ever that is! It simply had that moist texture that cupcakes don’t normally have. It tasted just like I imagine a slice of the cake would, and the slightly cream-cheesy icing was perfect. A good banana and toffee flavour with chunks of chewy banana as well. YUM!

The chocolate truffle cupcake was second up with a delicious chocolate ganache topping to die for and decorated with actual chocolate truffles. A gooey chocolate filling finished it off. The sponge, however, was missing that moist cake texture and was verging on the dry. The raspberry and peanut butter were both very good cupcakes. The buttercream was flavoursome and tasty with a creamy texture. Both however were slightly dryer than I would have wanted. Although I am very fussy, and they were by far the best cupcakes tasted so far!

4 Large cupcakes sitting in a box...

4 Large cupcakes sitting in a box…


Banoffee: 7/7!!!                 Chocolate Truffle: 6/7              Peanut Butter and Raspberry: 5/7

IMG_0689 IMG_0695IMG_0687IMG_0697


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