Garden Museum Cafe

Would you like to know about a secret quiet space in Central London? Wouldn’t every Londoner? Well I discovered one on Sunday.

We all need a little calm time in our lives, I could do with some right now. I am writing this sat at Gatwick airport waiting to take 4 students on a once in a lifetime trip to Jamaica. They have all flown long haul before. I have not. I’ll let you know how we get on in 2 weeks time.

Just down the road from Waterloo station, attached to Lambeth Palace, is a garden museum. In the museum is a cafe, which is free to enter and set both inside a deconsecrated church as well as the pretty gardens outside it. Charlie and I found our way inside wandering down the south bank and it is in the book!
The cake selection was not huge but it was the most homemade looking cake so far! And with rather adventurous flavours. We could choose between: courgette, ginger and lime; butternut squash or orange almond and rosemary. Charlie opted for the courgette and I went for orange.
We sat outside in the lovely garden and it was so peaceful, particularly because it started raining gently. There was nobody else around and we sat under a tree eating cake. We felt like the only people in the world!
The cake tasted very homemade, which is a compliment. It wasn’t perfectly shaped and iced but tasted like it was lovingly stirred and watched in the oven. I don’t know how you can mix love into a cake but I’m sure that’s what makes home baked cakes different. Charlie’s lime and courgette cake was rather like a carrot cake but green. Soft and crumbly, cream cheese topping, not a particularly strong lime or ginger flavour. Very subtle. Mine was also very moist, I was very impressed with the sponge itself. The flavour was less impressive. I could taste everything and there was rosemary in the cake, but it was a little underwhelming. Perhaps too experimental for their own good?

Atmosphere: 7/7 – try and go on a quiet day
Cake: Me 6/7 Charlie 5.5/7




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