Peggy Porschen Parlour


Other than my delight at the alliterative nature of the name, this pink paradise of cake was a truly charming place to spend an hour on a Saturday afternoon. The sunny decor sweetened up an otherwise dull Saturday and the first day of the Easter holidays.  Meeting some friends in Chelsea we ventured inside to see what was on offer. 

There are only a few tables inside and more outside so we were lucky to find room for four. The parlour mainly serves cupcakes but there are slices available as well. We all chose a drink and cupcake, and Doug had a slice as well to try out as much as possible! The cupcakes were impressive. I chose the Champagne Strawberry and was delighted to discover it actually tasted of champagne. The buttercream was gorgeous and every cupcake had a gooey middle surprise. Mine was a strawberry compote with real chunks of strawberry. The sponge was flecked with black vanilla seeds but was just that tiny bit on the dry side which prevented it from reaching a seven. The buttercream, gooey fillings, and fresh strong flavours meant that these are some of the best cupcakes I have tried yet. Doug wasn’t as impressed with the slice of cake because it wasn’t very chocolatey, despite appearances. 

The white tables looked rather plain until covered in candy coloured teacups. The teas were well flavoured, mine a delicate rose, but the coffee was average. Overall, not a cosy cafe for the afternoon but more a sophisticated and super girly cake hangout to get a cupcake fix in a lovely area. 


Cake; Me Strawberry Champagne: 6 Tash Salted Caramel: 6 Lulu Banoffee: 6 Doug Salted Caramel: 6 Chocolate Slice: 4. 

Atmosphere: 6 – a very sleek operation all round. 

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