Nordic Bakery

Rain rain go away come again another day.

Today was a doesn’t stop raining all day kind of day. I broke with my fashion sense and wore my lime green waterproof into Central London. It turned out to be a good idea! It seems like a long time since there had been a day like this, a curl up and stay in bed if you can day. It’s half term for me so I met up with Clare for a catch up. As a dear Norwegian friend is coming to stay tonight I thought the Nordic Bakery in Soho was the perfect choice!

We both braved the rain and fought our way to the Golden Square. The Nordic bakery was rather inconspicuous and when we finally found the door among the camouflage of wood we found a rather sparsely decorated cafe with dark decor. There was a tasty display of cakes and rye bread sandwiches. I tried out a Danish salami and cheese rye bread roll and a Karelian Pie. The sandwich was hearty, heavier than a white bread roll and very mustardy! I couldn’t quite eat the whole thing. The pie was so unusual looking I knew I had to try it! A savoury potato pie with what I assume was a pastry case but it was so thin you didn’t notice it when eating. The filling tasted like buttery mash potato. The whole thing was rather like eating a cold jacket potato skin smothered in butter – a nice experience and I would quite like to see what the rice filling would have been like. Clare went for the quiche, perhaps a safer option, and it was good!

Well that was lunch. We were already quite full by this point but we couldn’t leave without trying what we came for. This is a cake blog, not a lunch blog. So Clare want for the Apple Tosca Bun and I opted for the Tosca cake. Tosca it turns out is flaked almonds cooked in a layer of caramel. Yum.

Clare’s bun looked tasty but lacked the apple taste she wanted. It lacked something special to make it stand out. My Tosca layer was very tasty, not as crunchy as I expected, a layer of nutty caramel on top of the cake. The cake underneath was heavy and slightly on the dry side. If there is one thing I have learnt about Nordic eating it is that they like heavy stodge. I suppose this fits the climate, but it was still a bit too much for me in the English drizzle. My stomach was not happy with me after my meal.

A combination of the rain outside, the sparse decor and two overfull stomachs inspired us to leave the Nordic bakery and seek the comfort of my flat where it was warm, dry and there was plenty of soft furnishings to lie out on!

The Nordic Bakery, good for a hearty take away lunch, not one for a lingering catch up.

Cake: Me 4 Clare 3 – perhaps very good recreations of Nordic baking, but not my cup of tea.
Atmosphere: 3. They gain points for free water but could have been more friendly.

How do you spend your rainy days?