Lazy like Sunday … day? Del’ Aziz

You know when you just feel like doing nothing? When the weather isn’t brilliant and everything seems too much effort. This was one of those weekends. I felt so lazy in fact that I couldn’t make myself write up my blog until Monday night.

What with being so lazy, I didn’t want to venture far for cake. Del’ Aziz is the nearest we get to a ‘local’. Only 10mins down the road – or a 40min walk if you are us and far too lazy to get the bus. It is a Lebanese (amongst other things) restaurant that does a great brunch and a cake selection to die for! I realise as I write this that I should have taken a photo of the impressive spread of cakes and pastries that fills an entire corner of the cafe. The meringues are a sight to behold and I have only ever just about struggled through half of one before, they are the size of a human head. We arrived and helped ourselves to cucumbery minty water from the jug on the table. Anywhere that does free flavoured water on the table is immediately in my top 10. I love a freely provided jug of water. Amazing. It had cucumber in.

I feel we chose poorly for our cake. There was chocolate truffle cake, which featured in an earlier blog, vanilla cake, red velvet, chocolate, Black Forest, every type of fruit tart, five types of loaf cake, an almond and blackcurrant slice, two types of cheesecake and that’s just what I can remember. It doesn’t include the brownies, muffins etc.
I chose the orange and poppyseed and Charlie chose the banana loaf.
The banana loaf was spongy and soft. Well baked with a strong banana flavour and chunks of banana. Not very unusual but cake doesn’t always have to be interesting, just tasty. My orange and poppyseed cake was disappointing. If I had
n’t eaten lots of Del’Aziz cake before I would have been put off. The cake was just too dry. It had a strong orange flavour and the poppyseeds gave a unique texture. The cream went well but there was a touch more than needed. But the sponge was overcooked. Let down by my go to place.

Good thing I did a jog to counteract all that cream. Yes you heard correctly. Blog = jog is still going strong. I have to admit something I never thought I would say. I like jogging. I am a girl who used to jog once a year and decide it was horrible and give up until the next year. I thought people who ran for fun were insane. I have converted myself, for the moment. My only active moment on Sunday was the jog I went for at about 1 o’clock because I thought it was time to get up finally, and I actually found myself feeling good about doing exercise. Revelation.

So that was Sunday. Now I am going to be out of London for the next two weeks for various wedding and birthday related reasons. None of them my own I hasten to add.
This means I will not be able to blog about cake adventures and I have decided to ask if anybody else would like to do it for me. So if you love in London and fancy eating cake and writing me a review you could be on here next week! Just let me know.

Cake: Me 4.5/7 Charlie 5.5/7
Atmosphere: 6/7 – relaxed but not too quiet and table water!


You may not be able to tell from the photo but the portion sizes at Del’ Aziz are out of control. You will never find such large pieces of cake anywhere else. Ever.